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Get to know more about BotOptions (UK) Plc, the work we do and what makes us tick.  


Our Strategy

BotOptions (UK) plc is managing a brand new platform specializing in offering innovative risk and investment solutions. Established by the right mix of seasoned professionals and young but accomplished forward thinkers, we aim to craft a better niche way for investors to interact with the marketplace.


Our Focus

“Investments intended to create positive impact beyond financial return.” Our focus is Emerging Asset Classes. Our objective is to implement the most advanced credit management methods to minimize risk in allocating funds to asset backed cash flow producing investments from day one.


Our Niche

Individual alternatives are tailored. With a big track record in investor satisfaction, our next step constitutes a break through in forging meaningful and really diversified portfolios. We pride in being early as by setting the trend we can offset its projection.

Quality and Trust

Making a difference to every client and organisation that we do business with.

100% web based

No requirement of software download

User-friendly interface

Suitable for professional and institutional investors


Direct and accurate settlement of investor’s transaction

Botoptions.com special feature

Daily interest payments on a 365 day basis

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Our platform's transactions follow up module brought a new era in the online asset backed financing. Get in touch and find out more...


Daily interest calculation and payment to bond holders are a feature rarely seen in other platforms.


BotOptions (UK) Plc has issued a £100 million Mini Bond, its first issue being the Grand Navigator for £25 million.

Expiry Terms

The 3 year paying 5.1% pa., the 5 year paying 5.5%pa. and the 7 year paying 6.1%pa (ISIN for the 7 year: GB00BYXVWS91).


BotOptions (UK) Plc. is not authorised by the FCA.

Meet Our Team

Individually talented - together we perform better for our clients.

  • Vasileios Valasakis
    Interim Chairman

    Vasileios graduated with a BSc in Economics and went on to Georgetown University where he was awarded his Master’s degree in International Relations and National Security. In 2011...

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  • Fiona Driscoll
    Non-Executive Director

    Fiona graduated from Oxford University with an MA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. She is an experienced independent director and member/chair of audit, remuneration, finance and nomination committees....

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  • Paul Wilson

    Paul was educated at Edinburgh University where he received the degrees MPhys Mathematical Physics and MSc Financial Mathematics. Paul has over 15 years of experience working at hedge...

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  • Vassilios Popotas
    Senior Advisor

    Vassilis has worked in the financial industry since he graduated from the University of Georgia in 1995. For fourteen years he focused in forecasting future price moves and...

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Our Goals

Our experience, knowledge and expertise provides growth in a new era of business.

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Our Objective

The focus of our rationale is based in selecting sectors that already have undergone a substantial market correction thus enabling investors to potentially limit any downside exposure. In addition, we place capital only to successful and proven companies with the track record to prove their ability to manage assets under times of increased volatility.

Our Philosophy

The central thesis of our approach is to provide enough comfort for our investment through the use of cash reserves which in turn would enable us to manage any significant risk without inhibiting returns. In addition, our strategy provides enough liquidity for unforeseen events in order to cover investor needs in times of uncertainty while providing stable return.

Grand Navigator

As of the 23 October 2015 we have had considerable interest and specific offers from financial institutions for investing in the Grand Navigator, the first issue of 25 million of our 100 million Mini Bond. Financial Institutions also expressed interest in buying the second upcoming issue, Safe Harbor, of another 27 million from the 100 million Mini Bond. We will be updating this section as developments unfold.

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